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The immersive, sophisticated, and luxurious atmosphere discovered in E11EVEN MIAMI affords its guests the opportunity to be bold, be courageous, and enjoy life with open arms. Men and women arrive with the singular purpose of living life to the fullest, and their energy coalesces into a one-of-a-kind experience captured within the club. That mentality has created a movement that extends beyond the boundaries of E11EVEN MIAMI, forging a lifestyle that embodies these adventurous qualities that are on display every night of the year. It is more than a club. It is more than an opportunity. It is a lifestyle. Our guests are encouraged to seize every moment without looking back. Now the world has the ability to adopt this attitude and proudly display their belief in the E11EVEN lifestyle by wearing E11EVEN BRAND. E11EVEN BRAND men's and women's clothing is more than just a brand. It is our promise to those who live their lives to the highest standards. We proudly display our name and logo on every item we offer because we share the same commitment to living life as an E11EVEN.